Monday madness or something less alarming

Hello friends,

I’m writing this on a Monday at 11.58am because this seems as good a time as any to request questions from you about your mental health, relationships, or just being a human in this trashy world. Plus, many people for various reasons hate Mondays, so why not take this opportunity to rant, to vent, to cry out “Why universe why?!” in the form of an email, to me, so that I can attempt to answer it in a coherent and hopefully helpful way?

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Episode 12: Headscarves and Work

Work work work work work, you see me I be work work work work work

Can you guess what this week’s episode is about?

Yup, we be working abroad! Abi AK talks about her journey from Skype interview to becoming a cultural chameleon in a Dubai workplace, and Maame B gives us some top tips on picking up temp work and adjusting your email language to a more direct, Australian tone!

We also cuss out BJ, AKA Boris Johnson over his Burqa comments, and Abi AK discusses the emotional catharsis that is This Is Us!

Image credit: Businesswoman by Datacrafted from the Noun Project

Dissatisfaction and the art of scratching

​Dissatisfaction is a difficult thing not to think about. It’s like an itch that’s in an awkward place that you can’t really get to alone, so you try to ignore it; convince yourself it’s not there. But the more you try to do that, the worse the itch becomes until it’s pretty much all you can think about, and now somehow, you’re itchy all over. People have always told me I’m an overthinker and I can’t think why…

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Jack of all trades, master of everything

There are a few things you’re expected to know when you reach 30; how to manage your finances, how to clean up after yourself, how to stay healthy and other boring stuff like that. You’re also expected to know in some way, after three decades of living, what kind of job you want. And really, you should be in that job right now, forging ahead. I, of course, take issue with this.

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Review. Rinse. Repeat.

Doing something new every week is not all it’s cracked up to be guys. Sometimes you don’t have a new thing to do, you just have the same things you always do, and you’re not sure that doing those same things in a new way will really improve anything. Thus, you end up doing the same thing you’ve always done, until you arrive at Friday and wonder what the heck you did with your week and why no interesting memory stands out. So in case you were wondering what I’ve been getting into this week, it’s been this weird ass state of mind.

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