Episode 17: Headscarves and Women

I am woman, hear me roar! Hint: This week’s episode is all about being a woman travelling and living abroad!

Abi AK debunks some myths about being a woman in an Arab country, and Maame B has her Western expectations dashed when it comes to being a woman in Australia.

There’s also an Insecure episode recap, and some news on UAE visas and crazy Australian politicians – oooh!

Monday madness or something less alarming

Hello friends,

I’m writing this on a Monday at 11.58am because this seems as good a time as any to request questions from you about your mental health, relationships, or just being a human in this trashy world. Plus, many people for various reasons hate Mondays, so why not take this opportunity to rant, to vent, to cry out “Why universe why?!” in the form of an email, to me, so that I can attempt to answer it in a coherent and hopefully helpful way?

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Mirror Mirror on that wall

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Exactly what you expect to see?  What you want to see? Something completely different? Or perhaps like me, you see all of the above depending on the day, time and lighting? Over a 24 hour period I can probably spot about five different versions of myself every time I pass a mirror, which correlates directly with the kind of day I’m having, how good I feel about life that day, and whether I’ve had a good breakfast. Most of the time though, these versions of myself are not exactly positive, and it has little to do with the lighting.

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Single status quo

Questions and comments couples will never hear:

“So why are you in a relationship?”

“Has it just been too easy finding someone who shares your interests?”

“You know, I have some friends who are in a couple who I think you’d really get on with; I should get the four of you together.”

“Perhaps you’re just not very picky, that’s why you’re in a relationship. It’s just how you are I guess.”

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Managing expectations like Beyoncé

Ah Beyoncé and her pearls of wisdom. I was regaled as such this morning when my playlist shuffled to a song from her previous album (4) called “Schoolin’ Life”. In it she sings about how fast time seems to go when you’re in your twenties, and raises a glass to all the thirty year olds who didn’t turn out exactly as their parents would have liked. And I thought, oh Beyoncé, you’re so wise. But this isn’t about Beyoncé and her appeal to all ages, be they men, women or children. It’s about expectations.

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