Carry-on: Let me tell you this…

We said we wouldn’t leave you high and dry while we’re on hiatus, and you know we never lie!

Here’s a little carry-on for you; a little something that makes your journey a teensy bit better! Take a listen and find out what we’ve been up to!

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Episode 19: Headscarves and Questions

Welcome to our #Askusanything episode!

This week we answer your burning questions – Abi AK describes her experience of being a Christian in a Muslim country, and Maame B explains how she became a therapist and why she didn’t need a medical degree for it! We loved your questions so keep sending them to and we might answer them in another episode!

We also do our last spoiler (sorry?) recap of the final episode of season 3 of Insecure!

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Episode 15: Headscarves and Money

This week is all about money, money, money, money! Money! Specifically, managing your money when living abroad!

Abi AK talks about the best ways to manage a lavish lifestyle in Dubai without breaking the bank, and Maame B discusses saving for a rainy day and becoming a Melbourne deal-chaser! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe, and use the hashtag #headscarvesandcarryons to let us know what you thought of the episode!

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Episode 12: Headscarves and Work

Work work work work work, you see me I be work work work work work

Can you guess what this week’s episode is about?

Yup, we be working abroad! Abi AK talks about her journey from Skype interview to becoming a cultural chameleon in a Dubai workplace, and Maame B gives us some top tips on picking up temp work and adjusting your email language to a more direct, Australian tone!

We also cuss out BJ, AKA Boris Johnson over his Burqa comments, and Abi AK discusses the emotional catharsis that is This Is Us!

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Episode 11: Headscarves and Travel

Welcome to episode 11 of Headscarves and Carry-ons!

This week we’re discussing an essential part of living abroad – travelling!

Abi AK shares her experience of travelling throughout the 7 United Arab Emirates, and Maame B tells us why visiting the Northern Territory in Australia feels like being on Mars!

We also discuss banning the Shiggy challenge (aka dancing to Drake’s In My Feelings), and why racism over plastic bags just isn’t worth it!

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Episode 4: Headscarves and Food

This week we’re talking all things food!

From Dubai and Melbourne’s different takes on what constitutes brunch, to consuming currency and calling it a delicacy!

We also discuss food as an authentic way to learn about different cultures, being completely over poached eggs, and missing a Ghanaian home cooked meal when you’re abroad!

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Episode 3: Headscarves and News

Welcome to Episode 3 of Headscarves and Carry-ons!

This week we’re talking about what it’s like to hear news from home when you’re abroad.

We discuss how to still be a part of the relief effort when tragedy strikes back home, the joy of celebrating spiderman-like heroes from across the pond, and pop songs that remind us how brilliant women are (like we didn’t already know)!

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Episode 2: Headscarves and Hair

This week is all about hair! From surviving the desert climes of Dubai with a new weave, to batting away the wondering hands of strangers in Melbourne. We also discuss the fake Beyonce, Queen Oprah at the Royal Wedding, and why sometimes it’s necessary to accost people on the street for hair tips. Enjoy!

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