white boy

I wonder about it.

What I heard when you spoke to me that first time. We let our tongues loose on topics like travel and gender inequality in the workplace. You expressed scepticism over whether the latter really still exists, and I went to work trying to convince you with facts. I didn’t remember for long moments that you were a straight white male, that you had little knowledge or need for empathy towards those that didn’t look like you. The ones that carried more than your three monikers.

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Eye openers

So last weekend I was travelling on a train minding my own business, on my way to see Do The Right Thing at the Kino Cinema on Collins Street. They were celebrating 30 years of being open in Melbourne, and so were showing 80s and 90s films, and offering tickets at 1987 prices, as well as $1 popcorn, so you know I was down. I was excited, I was running a little late, and also, I noticed that I couldn’t see that well. And so the eye saga began.

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Divide or unify? How Notting Hill Carnival and Black Lives Matter UK influence Britain’s race relations

Yesterday morning (6 September 2016) 9 people belonging to the Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) movement lay on the runway of London City Airport, disrupting dozens of flights and causing delays to people’s holidays, business trips, and journey’s home. As police attempted to remove them from the runway, reports of the groups reasons for the protest were shared; climate change and its effects on poorer, non-white communities, the refugee crisis, and the wealth of the people using City Airport.

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