The kindness of strangers

I have been here in Melbourne for exactly three weeks now and I gotta say, the public transport is pretty good. Even though I’m currently out in the “sticks” (except not really because I’m not in the bush living with Koalas or anything, I’m just in the suburbs, but I grew up in London so it’s basically the countryside to me), the buses are super on time, I’ve only experienced one train delay, and I took the train once from the city during rush hour and thought “where are all the people?

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Finding Africa

So as some of you may know by now, I am a first generation Ghanaian Brit, born and bred in London. This has meant different things to me at different stages in my life, but it’s only in adulthood that I began to learn more about where I came from, the pride that comes with being West African, the nuances and in-jokes that I share with my Ghanaian and other African friends, as well as the annoyances and perceived obligations that come with any cultural heritage.

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