When sides align

I saw a guy last night on the tube, solving and then resetting a Rubik’s Cube, over and over again. It took him about 30 seconds to solve before he mixed the squares up and started over. He never looked at the cube for longer than a few seconds, and it seemed that the task had merely become one of dexterity practice. I watched him from the other side of the carriage and thought “huh.” I had seen two other men doing the exact same thing in the last month, on the tube, late at night. Is that weird, does it mean something, or both?

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The island of London

London is a lonely place.”

I remember hearing that a lot from new friends when I moved back to London from Essex. I was working in admin doing data entry at the time, saving up to fund an introductory counselling course and looking for ways the get the hell out of Essex. And when I finally did, I had grandiose dreams of returning to my home city and finally gathering that cool, lifelong group of friends I had seen on all those city-based sitcoms. But as it turns out, London really is a lonely place.

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