The reject queen

I am the rejection queen. I don’t administer too many rejections myself, but I have become an expert at receiving them. Especially the big rejections – the ones that have a larger life impact, that can sway how the rest of your day, week, even year could go. And it’s not something I ever foresaw myself being able to handle really, because at heart I am a pretty sensitive person, who used to be very impacted by the opinions of others. But I suppose age and practice really do make perfect. Or they make for mild desensitisation; it’s unclear.

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The shark

“Home is where the heart is.”

I have always struggled with this phrase. It sounds simple enough but actually, I’m not sure it means anything more than “Home is where you like to sleep”, or “Home is where the person you like, likes to sleep”; but that sounds a bit like the mantra of a stalker, so maybe it’s not quite as simple as that.

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On dealing with difficult people

I am a difficult person. I say that not to be self-deprecating, but because it is a fact. There are lots of things I don’t like, lots of attributes in people that I don’t care for, and many activities I would happily sit out. And yet, most people who meet me will find me mostly agreeable. Which is probably one of the biggest tricks I have ever pulled off because I am really bloody difficult.

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The little things

Let’s talk about the little things. Those small bits of life that separately seem fairly inconsequential, but together can become the cause of multiple tirades on the phone to PPI scouts and general customer service workers, the poor things. Sometimes people refer to these little things as “The straw that broke the camel’s back” or “Arse-ache” as it’s known in other, more frank circles.

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Later is not a real deadline

‘Tis the month of April and fools alike! I thankfully was not the receiver of any pranks on April 1st; that I know of anyway. Instead I took a trip to the theatre to see Billy Elliot before it closed. I had wanted to see it since it opened some ten years ago, but true to form I just kept saying “eventually, eventually”, until I got kicked up the bum and into action when I saw that the show’s run was coming to an end. So this time at least, I beat procrastination.

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