Episode 9: Headscarves and Housing

This week we’re sharing our top tips for finding a place to call home abroad!

Abi AK discusses landlords and absurd rooms in Dubai, and Maame B shares tales of single beds in penthouses and the importance of AC in Melbourne! They also lament over the non-starter that is Brexit and the importance of asking for help!

Image credit: Beach House by Symbolon from the Noun Project

Making moves

​I’ve had one big “First Step” goal since I moved to Melbourne; get a place in the city and live there. It sounds simple but as it turns out, it’s not. Because no matter what country or city you live in, there will always be people trying to convince you that the garbage-hole they’re selling, is actually just a mansion-in-the-making, but you’re just not trying hard enough to see it. To this I say “pah!” and “pfft” because quite frankly, I’m tired of house hunting and words have escaped me.

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