Lesson 4: Ponder

Yesterday morning was my 30th birthday and I was waking up in New York City. Even now as I am writing this, the lights of Times Square vibrate through the hotel room window to my right, and I wonder how did I get here? I mean, I know by what mode of transportation (plane obviously), but why at this point in my life, at this moment? Who can say. I wished for it, I got a lot of help to make it happen, and yet as I sit here with the city all around me, I find myself pondering over a lot of things.

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The island of London

London is a lonely place.”

I remember hearing that a lot from new friends when I moved back to London from Essex. I was working in admin doing data entry at the time, saving up to fund an introductory counselling course and looking for ways the get the hell out of Essex. And when I finally did, I had grandiose dreams of returning to my home city and finally gathering that cool, lifelong group of friends I had seen on all those city-based sitcoms. But as it turns out, London really is a lonely place.

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Dating and debating

I have been inspired this week! Not by a beautiful sunset or anything to do with nature and going outside, but by the wonders of technology. Or more precisely I have been listening to the audio book version of Aziz Ansari’s new book Modern Romance; which goes into depth about online dating, our obsession with our phones, and technology trying to nudge us towards real human interaction.

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The business of being busy

Why are we all so god-damned busy?! I don’t mean jam-packed-but-organised-day kind of busy, I mean task-on-top-of-task-on-top-of-a-never-ending-to-do-list kind of busy. Maybe it’s just me but I struggle to remember the last time in my adult life post-university, where I lay around and let nothingness occupy my mind. The ‘good old days’ is what we call them now.

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