When you’re the one who leaves

Leaving a place can be hard. But being left behind, that’s harder. I’ve been living in Melbourne for almost two months now, and on the whole, I’m having a good time. I’ve never had any qualms about leaving home; in fact my propensity for running away from things that irk me is almost legendary. Despite that, I have always, in some way, returned to and found solace in London.

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Home and Away

OK so full disclosure, this post is not about the famous Australian soap Home and Away, which brought us such movie stars as Heath Ledger and Chris Hemsworth. No, this is just an apt phrase that is strongly associated with Australia, and also covers the whole subject of being away from said home. So I’ve click baited you basically. I’m sorry about that but you should keep reading, it’ll change your life.*

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When sides align

I saw a guy last night on the tube, solving and then resetting a Rubik’s Cube, over and over again. It took him about 30 seconds to solve before he mixed the squares up and started over. He never looked at the cube for longer than a few seconds, and it seemed that the task had merely become one of dexterity practice. I watched him from the other side of the carriage and thought “huh.” I had seen two other men doing the exact same thing in the last month, on the tube, late at night. Is that weird, does it mean something, or both?

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The shark

“Home is where the heart is.”

I have always struggled with this phrase. It sounds simple enough but actually, I’m not sure it means anything more than “Home is where you like to sleep”, or “Home is where the person you like, likes to sleep”; but that sounds a bit like the mantra of a stalker, so maybe it’s not quite as simple as that.

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