So, here’s the real, real

I haven’t been updating my blog. I feel like it gets to this time of year, and this automatically happens, because I get the holiday blues. I’ve been on this Earth for 32 years and I still haven’t completely figured out why – the reasons seem to change with the years, even if one thing remains constant, which is the disconnectedness of my family. But this isn’t really about that.

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The first few weeks

Being back is weird. Not least because I went from balmy warmth to freezing cold weather in a matter of days upon first arriving in the UK from Melbourne. But the weirdness is a ham-fisted way of describing how it feels to be back and not really ‘back’. In one way yes, I’m from here, I grew up in this country, in London; but the idea of a ‘home’ or a ‘base’ has always eluded me. Plus I’ve moved house more times than I can count.

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BATB: Eye of the beholder

It’s what’s inside that counts.

If this sounds like a cliché, it’s because that’s what it is. But I have news for you reader, clichés are just common things that people say, or events that have happened so often, that they’ve somehow been reduced to a “repetitive or obvious thing” because they are so normal. But it by no means makes them any less true, right? Stay with me, this is going somewhere (I hope).

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Women are great

I used to have really weird taste in women. I should point out first and foremost that when I refer to taste in women, I mean in a platonic way, rather than a romantic or sexual way. I feel the same way about women as I do about Nutella; I’m very fond of it and it leaves a smile on my face, but I don’t want to sleep with it. You could probably replace Nutella with coffee, or tea, or chocolate…you get the point.

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