Lesson 2: Love thyself

This is a post about liking yourself a bit more. The loving comes later – as we all know. It’s Valentine’s day, and you might be feeling crappy about that if you’re single and this overly commercial day means something to you; which also means that you’ve forgotten that you get to share this day with best person in the world. You. Please save your gagging until the end of this post.

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Single status quo

Questions and comments couples will never hear:

“So why are you in a relationship?”

“Has it just been too easy finding someone who shares your interests?”

“You know, I have some friends who are in a couple who I think you’d really get on with; I should get the four of you together.”

“Perhaps you’re just not very picky, that’s why you’re in a relationship. It’s just how you are I guess.”

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Girlfriend Material

What exactly do we mean when we say that someone is Girlfriend Material? Now when I say we, I’m not including myself in this as I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase in a non-sarcastic way, but I often hear it bandied around. So what does it mean? The only image that I can conjure up is of a woman who always has a boyfriend, who merges her life with her partner’s after five dates, and stops seeing her friends for months at a time whilst she shapes a new life with her significant other. Did that sound bitter? Well it was, so that’s why it sounded that way; job done.

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