Published Work

The Myth of the Black Unicorn. Black Ballad

Personal essay: Dating as a black woman in Australia

Black Sky. AFREADA | Afribuku

Flash fiction: “We haven’t seen Nana; not since the fire. I told friends at school it was a blaze, but I lied, like always...”

Bounce. Litro Magazine

Flash fiction: “The ball of his feet. Synthetic material. One toe poking out of the sheet, the other foot pressing lightly against my calf. Things feels strange all the time now...”

Spare. Memoir Magazine

Short story: “I felt like I was always waiting. Ten minutes, thirty minutes, once I waited for two hours at a bus stop. Hopelessly ready for the sliver of a possibility that maybe this time, love was coming. ..”

The bully and the depressed. Medium

Personal essay: A story of emotional catastrophe

shrink. The Good Journal

Creative nonfiction: I am trying to disappear myself. It’s what I have to do to be present. To be an empty cavity waiting to be filled, to contain. I can hear her outside, anticipating her entry into the room to test me...”

Calling. Storm Cellar Quarterly

Creative nonfiction: “I’ll see you in two years: that way, Agent Orange won’t get any of my money…”

Why it’s ok to be a quitter (sometimes). Blavity

Personal essay: “I personally wasn’t raised to quit anything, especially being from a Ghanaian family, which offered constant reminders of what sacrifices my mother had made to ensure I had as much opportunity as possible to flourish in the world…”