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psPsychotherapy: Psychotherapy is a collection of poems that explores the conscious, subconscious and unconscious processes of an ex-therapist and budding writer.

Maame Blue takes the reader through the dark comedy of online dating with “Supermarket Sweep”, the nostalgia of love long-since lost with “The Algorithm of Us” and the routine abnormalities that come with being a Londoner, via the poem “Delay”.

This collection is a salute and a farewell to therapy, with its intricacies, its burdens and its warmth.

A review of Psychotherapy by Maame Blue



2014Twenty-Fourteen: What was 2014 like for you?

For Maame Blue, it was a year filled with love, hate and hope, and she explores these themes in her poetry collection, ‘Twenty Fourteen: A Recollection’. Maame Blue’s poems present an uninhibited, heartbreaking and sometimes hopeful view of her life during that year; and illustrate the rare moments of significance we can all experience in twelve short months.