Film Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Tina Fey’s turn as journalist Kim Baker in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) is both lighthearted and honest. Beginning in Afghanistan in 2002, the back drop of a war torn country contrasts starkly with Fey’s story line as the wearied reporter writing copy for local news in the US, who is given the opportunity to cover Afghanistan as one of the only reporters left both unmarried and without children.

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BATB: Eye of the beholder

It’s what’s inside that counts.

If this sounds like a cliché, it’s because that’s what it is. But I have news for you reader, clichés are just common things that people say, or events that have happened so often, that they’ve somehow been reduced to a “repetitive or obvious thing” because they are so normal. But it by no means makes them any less true, right? Stay with me, this is going somewhere (I hope).

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Film Review of The Lobster: The Perils of Singledom

Love is strange and frivolous in Yorgos Lanthimos’ dystopian film The Lobster.

Colin Farrell dons a questionable moustache and Clinton Bear-like belly for a dark but humorous look at what life would be like if single people were as persecuted in real life, as they can feel in society today. In a culture of, OkCupid and Tinder, this film is extremely timely.

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Dope: A Review

Yes to 90’s Hip Hop. Yes to high tops and punk rock bands. And yes to the ingenuity of three “geeks” trying to get out of a home town that crawls with drug deals and shoot outs, and make their way to college alive. But most of all, yes to Dope. No, this isn’t a public service announcement to encourage recreational drug taking (from that sentence you can see how cool I am), but rather it’s praise for Dope, a new witty comedy written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa (director of Brown Sugar and The Wood).

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Ex Machina: We’re all fuelled by emotions

The robots are coming.

Well actually, the robots are already here, and if Honda has anything to do with it, they’ll be doing our washing, driving us places and probably brushing our teeth in the near future. However, that day has not yet come, so we are left only to imagine what life could be like living side by side with artificial intelligence. Enter Ex Machina; a 2015 film that shines an odd light on our ability as humans to empathise with the machines we create.

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Little Miss Sunshine

Nine years ago the Hoover family took a road trip to a beauty pageant and gave us all a front row seat to their shenanigans. No, this was not a half-baked reality TV show, but instead a wonderful mirror image of the American family and what it means to really go through some shit. For those of you that still have no clue what I’m talking about, let me introduce you to the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine.

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