Episode 20: Headscarves and Recaps


If you love something, let it go…on hiatus for a bit. That’s right, this is the last episode of the first season of Headscarves and Carry-ons! We’ve had a blast with you lovely listeners, but now we need some rest and recuperation so we can bring you even more amazing gems in the new year with the next season!

So enjoy an episode recap with us, and stay tuned for some mini bits of fun that we’ll be releasing whilst we’re on hiatus.

Oh, and one other thing – we want to hear from YOU! Send us an email or a voice note with your own stories of living abroad – we especially want to hear from black women and people of colour in general! Share your wisdom by emailing headscarves.carryons@gmail.com and we might air it on episodes to come!

Remember, this is not goodbye, it’s simply see you in a bit and maybe use the break to have your own travel adventures?

Don’t forget to like, subscribe, rate and review, and use the hashtag #headscarvesandcarryons to let us know what you thought of this week’s episode!


Image credit: Woman by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

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Maame Blue

Writer| Poet| Blogger| Ghanaian by heart, Londoner by nature

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