Breakfast in Berwick

Yesterday I had the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had since the Sausage and Egg McMuffin came to London and I realised the best time to purchase one was at 6.30am on a Sunday morning in Kings Cross, on the way to my hairdressers house in Peckham. Anyway, that’s more about the one off moment of being dog tired and finding reprieve in a round, flat “sausage”. This was all about the sandwich.

So should I talk about it in great detail? Yes I think so, glad you agree. I was in a place called Berwick (pronounced beh-rick), about 45km from the city, specifically to visit a restaurant called the Nomadic Cafe because I had read on another travel blog that they served this famous coffee by roasters called Zest. OK, I know that sounds like a super long winded journey just to have coffee, but I really can’t think of a better reason for a long and convoluted journey than to find good coffee. If anything, I have found that where there is good coffee, there is usually good other stuff too. Totally going to copyright that sentence because it rolls off the tongue so well.

After a comical look at the sky as I stepped onto the bus from Clyde North to Cranbourne station, just as the heavens were about to open, I eventually hopped on the train, changed at Dandenong (good ole’ Dandenong) and exited at Berwick just as the rain was stopping. It was meant to be, obviously, because I did not have an umbrella. Plus my navigation skills, stellar as always, meant I went in a circle around Berwick station before finding the correct direction to go in. So you know, I worked up an appetite.

The Nomadic Cafe was this very cool, hipster decorated restaurant and as mentioned above, it didn’t disappoint. They also had Marvel comics plastered on the walls, and some characters from the Dr Seuss books I read as a kid on another wall, so I was basically at my own private (public) Mecca.  

I’ve provided a picture of the sandwich because actually, my description won’t do it justice. Oh, what’s in it you ask? Pulled beef, fried eggs, slaw and salad on milk bread. I really shouldn’t be ingesting anything milk related due to a newly developed lactose intolerance, but I took one look at this sandwich and remembered who I really was.

So yeah, Berwick was fun. I stayed in the Nomadic Cafe for a few hours reading, had a Melbourne Magic (a kind of condensed espresso and milk drink – check out my insta @maame_blue for full details), a hot chocolate, and had a really good time enjoying the atmosphere and the really friendly wait staff. Also I took some pictures of houses on hills because we don’t really have proper hills in London and these impressed me. I know; I’ve lived a small life.

Wow, I know right, a whole blog post on a sandwich? Yep, my priorities are on point.

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