On being in-between things

​It’s been a crazy few weeks guys. I got my visa for Australia in late January and I’ll be moving there at the end of this month; so everything has been a whirlwind trying to get things ready. Of course, I wanted to document everything, write something interesting about how I felt etc, etc, but I couldn’t seem to muster anything worth reading. And I’m not even sure this meets that quota, but we’ll see.

​I think I’ve written before about being most inspired when moving from one place to another, and this is still true but only when the moving is in the present. For example, if I were on a plane to Australia right now, I can promise you that I would have all sorts to write about. At the moment though, I’m sort of floating around my London mental state, looking forward to going, doing boring practical things to prepare, and not feeling rooted enough anywhere to grasp some creativity.

However, with most things, once I start writing I begin to work out my feelings, which is what’s happening right now and you have a front row seat (sorry)! OK, so here’s where I’m actually at at the moment, in a helpful list:

I just turned 31 and I’m really excited about what’s ahead.

Everything leading up to this trip has fallen into place, from the money I have to take with me, to the cheap flights, and family I’ll be staying with out there.

I’ve stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I’ve been looking back at the last 6 or 7 months and seeing how depressed I was for all that time – the longest that’s ever happened to me in adulthood.

As per my previous point, I’ve been hesitant about penning exactly the reason I’ve been depressed – not just work but a particular person at work – and this has held back my writing on this blog.

I’m ready to write about the above; I think it’s important.

I’m going to start a new blog on here called the Melbourne Diaries – I doubt it will be consistent or very insightful, but when did any of those prerequisites ever stop me from writing?

I enjoyed listing these things.

OK so that’s me – I guess this was more of a check in with myself and the two other people that read this blog (thanks guys, I’m forever grateful). I’m going to write about the thing above in my next post, and then I’m going to try if I can, to begin the Melbourne Diaries before I actually go to Melbourne – mostly it will be about how I’m feeling, the people I meet, what I’m thinking, how I REALLY feel about Kangaroos. You get it.

Most importantly, I will keep writing, if for nothing else than for my two fans; you know who you are (although I don’t, so if you could make yourselves known that would be great – you can @ me on the Twitter).

Image credit: Traveling woman by parkjisun from the Noun Project

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