The end of procrastination

It’s the end of the month (almost) and never have I been so excited to reach the end of anything before, desperate to see my bank balance return to a level of respectability again! Plus what a month it’s been.

I’ve moved house, seen a theatre show, had a delightful cinema trip alone and upped my dating game (more on that MAYBE in another post). More importantly though, without trying to completely count all my chickens before they’ve hatched, I THINK I’ve gotten to the bottom of my procrastination issue; this month anyway. I mean, I probably got to the bottom of it two weeks ago but it took a while to set in.

I’m used to going against the grain in my own life; that is, persevering in the face of adversity. And (I don’t want to jinx it but) I think this is the first new beginning I’ve had (moving house) where I don’t actually have to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I still have debts and sleep problems and work issues to figure out (nobody’s perfect), but generally my quality of life is on point at the moment.

Which means I am due for an angst-filled life breakdown where I try to figure out how to function as a semi-normal human being. And I ask in all seriousness, how do you function in a conflict free environment? How do people do it? My procrastination has always been fuelled by that niggling feeling that I really should be doing something more important that I don’t enjoy, but that excuse is becoming less and less valid. I mean, I’m not necessarily complaining about being happy with my life, but I sort of am aren’t I? However I’m sure I’ll find a new problem to whine about in no time (of course I will; I’ve already found a way to whine about having no problems in this here blog post).

You’re probably thinking “Come on MB (in my imagination we’re really close friends now Readers and we have cool nicknames for each other), this isn’t a real problem, you’re overthinking this!” And you’re right, I am. So let’s make Overthinking next month’s theme as that feels seamless and appropriate.

End of blog post (see I totally completed another thing; in your face procrastination!).

Image credit: sunrise by Brittnee Snodgrass from the Noun Project

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