Lesson 2: Love thyself

This is a post about liking yourself a bit more. The loving comes later – as we all know. It’s Valentine’s day, and you might be feeling crappy about that if you’re single and this overly commercial day means something to you; which also means that you’ve forgotten that you get to share this day with best person in the world. You. Please save your gagging until the end of this post.

OK, OK, I’m not suggesting that you take yourself out to a fancy restaurant tonight and hide a ring in your own champagne, unless you’re a fan of public humiliation and emotional torture by way of suffocation from all the “happy couples” surrounding you.

What I am saying is that if this is in fact a day of celebrating love, then why not give a little love to yourself (not in a gross way)? I mean, who knows you better than yourself? Who encourages you to watch that fifth episode in a row of Friends/ Orange is the New Black/ Game of Thrones without fail because it makes you happy? Who never judges you when you eat that sixth slice of pizza? And who was there for you when you broke up with all those insignificant others? That’s right, it was you!

OK granted, you’re not always super helpful with your advice to yourself, but you get there in the end; you’re just a slow learner. Plus, you have a good heart and you ultimately only want the best for yourself, right? Well in order to live your best life, you have to be the best person to yourself too, and that includes showing yourself some love, such as:

  • Chilling by yourself and doing something you really enjoy that you don’t need other people for.
  • Taking that flu you’ve caught a little more seriously by not trying to push through it (which inevitably makes it last longer) and actually getting some rest.
  • Buying yourself a little something that makes you smile (could be a new piece of clothing, a new piece of technology, whatever, you know you).
  • Generally taking care of yourself, otherwise you’re no use to anyone, including ironically, yourself.

These are teeny tiny ways that you can show your appreciation to the wonder that is you, because let’s be honest, there are many people in the world who could make you feel like crap, so why do you need to be one of them? Our time is much better spent giving love to someone, and there’s no reason why that someone can’t be ourselves.

Happy Valentine’s day lovers!

Image credit: girl by Olesya Kozlova from the Noun Project

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Maame Blue

Writer| Poet| Blogger| Ghanaian by heart, Londoner by nature

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